Investing in our Community for the Future of Hope Schools

Friends and Neighbors... Thank you for your support in maintaining the high quality of our Hope School District.  You have contributed to the excellent reputation and high rankings of our schools (Hope, Monte Vista, and Vieja Valley) through your tax dollars and your support of propositions which benefited our schools. As a basic aid district, tax revenue is directly correlated to the quality of education the district provides.  

You may be aware that our district is facing an urgent $900,000 budget shortfall. This is incredibly sad news for our community. Many cuts have already been made. Our children face the imminent loss of their instructional aids; reading intervention specialists; librarians; and reduced custodial, maintenance, and office staff. Furthermore, class sizes will likely increase next year if a remedy cannot be found.  

Unlike ever before, the top rankings of our three schools: Monte Vista, Hope, and Vieja Valley, and the associated benefits to our property values, are at stake if the budget shortfall cannot be filled, and filled quickly.

Invest NOW in the Community Campaign

Over the last few years, our district weathered the economic downturn, and our teachers and administrators gracefully, did more with less. Parents strengthened their support–with PTAs raising between $100,000 to $200,000 each challenging budget year to ensure continuous enrichment courses (art, music, P.E., science, computer instruction, counseling, etc.). Unfortunately, today’s crisis cannot be solved by PTAs, and far more is at risk than our enrichment programs.  As property owners, we all pay taxes, and those taxes support the existence of our schools, but if we want them to be high quality and ensure that the Hope District continues to be a coveted district to own a home in, we must make additional contributions. Accordingly, the board of the Hope School District Educational Foundation (HSDEF), a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to raising funds for our district, is reaching out to all district residents through our second community campaign.

Today, we need you to invest in our community.

As we enter a new year, please join us, by making a tax deductible donation of $250 or more. Your gift will restore essential services and assist us in building a foundation for the future, so that all children in our district receive a high-quality education, and all property owners continue to benefit from engaged neighbors and high real estate values.   

Our two-year campaign goal is $1,000,000 with 100% participation from district families, school board members, and HSDEF board members. Parents and families associated with our three schools have already contributed over $250,000 towards our goal, and are continuing to give.  But we can't do it alone! We need the investment of district property owners as well. Many of you have had or will have children go through one of the Hope district schools.  Others will have enjoyed the years of high property values and knowing that the community is doing all it can to produce well-educated future leaders. Now is the time to give back and show your intention to continue the amazing work that is being done with young children in our neighborhood.  

Each gift made directly touches the lives of our district’s 1,000 students. We encourage every household to give at a level that matches both their commitment and their circumstances. Contributions can be made here via any DONATE button. Alternatively, a check made out to “Hope School District Educational Foundation” may be dropped off or mailed to the front office of any of the three schools, or the District office at: 3970 La Colina Road, Santa Barbara, CA 93110. We are also happy to respond to any questions or concerns you may have, and can be reached at (805) 682-2564 or  

Thank you for investing in our schools and community. Every gift counts!