Our Story

Why we need you

In 2017 HSDEF successfully helped launch and pass Proposition S to help with funding shortfalls.


The deficit occurred from what can only be described as a perfect storm: rising costs, reduced state funding, increased government mandates, and human error that resulted in the school board approving budget allocations with dollars the district did not have. 

Our costs through our provider partnership with the Santa Barbara County Department of Education increased by 57% in three years representing $828,000. In response, the district has taken these provider services back in-house. This has created savings and greater cost control.

Hope School District has hired an experienced and qualified Superintendent and a new seasoned Business Manager, who are working to improve budget management for the future. 

We are working with the Santa Barbara County Department of Education who is supervising budget recovery.  The school board has implemented new systems and oversight to improve budget transparency and accountability.

The Board of Trustees has identified and prioritized spending reductions for the 2016-2017 school year and will submit a new budget to the county by October 10, 2016 with approximately $500,000 in budget cuts.

The proposed cuts include all instructional aides and intervention specialists, a reduction in hours or an elimination of librarians and custodial hours, and more. 

We will see a repeat of  these reductions in the 2017-2018 budget. 

The budget cuts will eliminate many critical support services and personnel that impact the educational quality our community expects.

This funding challenge will not end in 2018.  

Our community values public education and at today's government funding levels, it is unsustainable. The cost of quality education continues to rise as public funding decreases. 

In order to sustain and our community's educational standard, we must form long-term private and public partnerships.  

A revitalized Hope School District Educational Foundation stands ready to engage you in contributing time, talent, and resources to sustain and enrich public education in our community.  

Together, We are Hope .

Together we can change our story.