Parent Testimonials

Whitney Bruice Parent

We love Hope School for so many reasons! Every teacher is extremely caring, is an expert on his or her grade level, has great classroom control, and goes above and beyond to be involved in the various school-related events! Barbara LaCorte, as a principal, is very approachable, energetic, communicative, and present.

We feel fortunate to have a small and community-focused school, where we can walk or ride bikes to school, and get to know our classmates and neighbors.

The learning that goes on outside of class is also so valuable. The Youth Effort Farm Program as well as the thoughtful field trips broaden our children's experiences. Last Friday night's Bike Night taught us all numerous safety skills!

Keeping Hope School running at it's steady pace is very important to my family.

Nubia Siordia Parent

I have had children at both VV and now at Hope, but they really have changed my kids for the better. Both my kids have needed additional services which the schools have always provided. I am sad to see what we are facing but we are all family and I know we will all work together to get us back to where we were.

Nancy Grinstein & Neal Rabin
Parents of Alumni

We consider it a great gift to have been a part of the Hope District community for so long. Despite the many administrative changes that occurred, the glue that binds the community together has always been the teachers. We were fortunate to have experienced an incredibly tight knit group of dedicated, caring, and generous professionals who shepherded both our kids and us through the most significant learning years of any child’s life.

Holanda Leon Harwin Parent

We bought our home in this district 10 years ago due to the Vieja Valley reputation of providing a high quality and well rounded education.  If it wasn't for the hard working teachers and the teachers aides at Vieja Valley and the PTA community, my children would of been placed in a private school where they can receive this same level of care and education that is given at Vieja Valley.  The teachers and Aides are highly dedicated to the students and provide a  level of education that is equal to a private school education.   They provide a safe and loving environment to the students

Tracy Wison Parent

I have been a parent at Vieja Valley going on 12 straight years. My youngest child is in 1st grade so by the time she graduates it will be 17 straight years for us at this wonderful school. We have had nothing but good experiences throughout our years at Vieja Valley. All the teachers and staff have been fabulous. I have had the privilege of volunteering in the classroom and have seen how important it is to have the aides. They really do so much in the classroom.

Teacher Testimonials  

Andrea Lauderdale Teacher

What makes teaching in the Hope District to be the incredible experience that it is happens to involve three key elements: involved and loving families, quality practices, as well as dedicated and faithful staff. Without these three pillars (which include our invaluable aides), my experience as an educator would be dramatically different. As educational researcher John Hattie (2011) found, "small group learning" has a large enough effect size on student learning to make it a practice to highly-value and continue. Teachers and students who have experienced this can attest to the "goodness" of it as it provides more one-on-one time with teachers and adults working on specific reading and mathematical practices.

Theana Earls Teacher

Teaching in the Hope School District means small groups, adults that care about kids (aides, custodians, secretaries etc...) and talented teachers. My own children have attended since kindergarten and are flourishing. I feel lucky to work here and have my children here as well


Sarah Anderson Teacher

The children of Hope School District have great opportunities and are exposed to many wonderful things such as music, art, drama, PE, technology, small group teaching, parents who are involved, and excellent teachers who want their students to succeed not only in school, but in life! I am so thankful that my own children are able to thrive at a school in the Hope District as well as myself be able to teach the children of our district. The Hope School District is part of the village that raises our children!

Nathan Evans, M.EDTeacher

I grew up in the district as a youngster at Monte Vista, and had the best teachers of my life way back when.  I am now the luckiest man in the world getting to work with the amazing children of the Hope School District and their families.  Our district has always been a place where we treat each other as family,  and over the years the deep and lasting relationships I have developed with my aides, my students and their parents have been something I have treasured. I still believe.

Natalie Wilkes Teacher

Tight-knit is how I describe Hope School District. At my school, Vieja Valley, I see lower graders walk the halls with their upper grade big buddies. I see the community rally behind teachers and students in times of sickness and celebration. I see teachers and parents giggling as they share sweet stories of their little ones from the day. But I also see them seated in small chairs, leaning in over kidney tables as they meet with intention to address a child's needs. It's difficult to fall through the cracks here because we are so close. Additionally, the teachers, parents, administrators, and support staff of Hope School District are dedicated to continuing our history of excellence. We are more than a school district, we are a tight-knit community