Why Donate?

Student Shortfall


Maintenance Shortfall

· Based on a Current Replacement Cost analysis of our schools we should spend $2,000,000 per year on maintenance, repairs and capital renewals

· Our actual spend has averaged $275,000 per year

· Given budget constraints the District has prioritized classroom education over facilities leading to substantial deferred maintenance and delayed capital expenditures


· We need your help in making HSDEF’s focus on upgrading our playgrounds & learning spaces a reality.

· This is an opportunity for substantial community involvement through naming rights as well as material and work donations.



Our schools are distinguished and award winning. We have been successful for a long time.

Our schools are inclusive and integrative. They reflect the diversity of the communities in which we live. We embrace socioeconomic, ethnic, learning, and ability differences.

By design our schools and classrooms are small to bring out the best in all students. We are a model public school.

Our Parent Teacher Associations fund all of the enrichment program's including our science, art, music, physical education and technology. 

Our families are highly engaged. Our parent volunteers give our schools 11,451 hours of assistance per year in the classroom. 


Invest in Value

"Buyers pay $50 per square foot more for homes in top rated school districts.” according to Realtor.com.

The National Bureau of Economic Research Foundation notes that, “for every $1 spent on public schools in a community, home values increase by $20.00”. 

"Homes in the highest ranking school zones come with cost differentials of $300,000 to $500,00,” states Realtor.com.

Hope District's Schools are among the top-ranked schools in Santa Barbara. An investment in Hope supports our community's real estate values.

Donate: Be A Part of Something Big 

People value public education, but most people don’t realize how little traditional public school financing actually funds.  Despite the prosperity of our neighborhoods, our district collects $10,000 per student, far less than the $20,000 or more private schools receive from tuition.  

Invest in a new model for funding public schools - one that enables schools to maintain high standards of excellence even at times of unprecedented budget cuts. 

We are the community to do it!  By investing your time, talent, and resources, you will help us solve our immediate budget challenges and lay a foundation for a future that sustains Hope.