People who reside in the Hope community believe in the value of collaboration. By working together with district stakeholders, HSDEF is able to respond to the greatest needs and opportunities in our schools. Our partnerships enable HSDEF's Board of Directors to approach our work with a strategic, long-term view and to drive innovation at the district level.

Our community's residents, parents, teachers, support staff, administrators, school board, school site councils and PTA's are all vested in the success of Hope's schools. The small size of our district and our shared commitment to collaboration fosters strong relationships and helps us deliver quality education for today's students and for the generations to come.


For more than 150 years, the Hope Elementary School District has believed in the importance of offering a small and independent, high-quality, public education for elementary children residing in our district. The incredible level of engagement in maintaining and enhancing our schools, and a wonderful spirit of generosity make the educational experience offered by Hope Elementary School District an extraordinary one.

Our deeply held belief in quality shines forth in many ways, from our community's approval of Measure L in 2010, which provided financing for new buildings, technology, and energy efficiency initiatives; to our much-loved teachers' and administrators'nurturing of our children everyday; and to our hands-on, enthusiastic parents who role up their sleeves with smiles on their faces to provide specialists in the arts every year, assist teachers in the classrooms, and drive on field trips.

Our community's actions reflect an understanding among us that a well-educated population enables the greater good - that we have a social responsibility to sustain and support local public schools. HSDEF facilitates community engagement in accomplishing this goal.